Monday, 14 May 2012

The girl in me who talks a lot.

Well, I am hearing things a lot lately. Things like, why do you always post about love and sad things? And honestly, I am sick of them too. :P
It's the IPL season and every friend of mine has been made sure to go to Eden Gardens and tease me about it. The truth is, I have never been to Eden Gardens. Yes. Living in Kolkata for 15 years now, but not once experienced that nirvana feeling when Gambhir hits a 6, and the crowd goes KKR! : |
I just got my new obsession jellies. Yumm! Green, red, yellow, orange and even blue. I have had all kinds of jellies till now, I guess. And they are amaaaazing!
I love singing and dancing while having a bath. I remember singing "Aami je tomar, sudhu je tumaar", and trying to dance like Vidya Balan seven years ago, and ended up falling down and getting eight stiches on my chin. Darn, that did hurt! :p
I love seeing PDA on road and then making fun of it while talking to my bestfriend. That girl, makes my life miserable in a funny manner. :)
I always have puchka with meetha pani and I love how bengalis call  puChka, "puShka".
I love giving names to people. I just don't why, but I do. Stoner, Blondie, Hotstuff, Janeman, Godzilla, and what NOT! My friends literally hide their face when I call them such names in public. I am perverted. And yes, I have a boy's mind.
There are tons of things about me, which I would love to share but I don't want to make this post long so that you people get tired of it, and wonder how irritating I am. :p

Anyway. Bye- bye. May you all enjoy your summers while I bury my head in my Maths book. -___-


  1. So good to see you do a happy post! :)
    I love jellies too! *hi5*
    Eight stiches :O :O
    You stay in Kolkata and never been to Eden Gardens! :O *tch tch*
    Now bring out the other tons of things about you! Would love to know more about you :)

    1. Trust me, it feels good too. :)
      Yay! Hi5! :D
      Yes. Don't remind of it. :|
      Yes. kabhi nai. :(

      And I am all ready to tell you things about me. There are loads to know. :D

  2. A nice happy post this is! :)

    Stay healthy! :)