Saturday, 30 June 2012

Pictures. :)

My first true love, is that pretty thing in the corner. I purchased it a couple of months ago, and trust me, I love it. So as I have been so jobless lately, I went on a photography spree. I would love to share some clicks here. I hope you all like it. :)

I was absolutely in love with the weather that day. 
This beautiful view was right in front from my balcony.  It was beautiful.

I love rain. I absolutely love it.

Commit No Nuisance.
The Black Lady.
Some kid, I came across on the streets. 

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Little things- 3

I was in my car with my mom, enjoying my chocolate bar when suddenly someone starts banging my window from outside. This little boy with torn clothes and dirt on his face but a beautiful smile was asking for a few pennies. I felt guilty having that chocolate, and so I rolled down my window and gave him my unopened bar of chocolate and said, " Go find some work. You shouldn't beg like this.", he said, " Thank you didi. ( for the chocolate ) and with a wide grin ran away. The whole process was watched by my mother when out of nowhere she started texting. I hardly paid anything attention to it and started switching the radio chanels, when suddenly I got a text from my mom,
" I am proud of you. Glad to have a daughter like you. "

I looked at her, but she didn't pay any attention to what just happened. I guess,
Sometimes feeling this much love inside you even when you don't show it on your outside brings a smile on the other's face.