Friday, 30 March 2012

Bollywood love.

Y has known X for 3 years now. He has always been there for her, when she needed someone. He is one of the person she doesn't want to lose. He was there to hear her crib about her life, her boyfriend, her family problems, etc. He patiently listened to everything she had to say. Always. People used to think they are together or something, but they were just friends. 
He dated a lot of girls, and even she got into few relationships. They used to talk about their problems to each other. Everyone knew they liked each other except them. Sometimes she used to think about him, but she never took it seriously. His friends used to tease him but it never mattered to him.
One day, she broke up with the guy she was going around for a couple months. Her bestfriend asked the reason behind the breakup, and all she could say was that she thought she is in love with X. Her bestfriend smiled, she had known this will happen someday, eventually. She was just waiting for them to realise. She knew he loved Y just the same, but was scared to accept the fact thinking it might ruin their friendship.
She finally confessed him about her feelings and was shocked to hear his reply. They were meant to be. They knew each other more than anyone. They knew how to handle the other. They had to fall in love. And eventually the love grew more each and every day. 
Even now after 4 months when they talk on the phone at night, she still smiles at the fact, thinking, 

it was always him.

(How filmy this post is, right?! But this is exactly what happened to my bestfriend)


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