Monday, 26 March 2012

Everything is over.

She looks at that little window in that particular room. Tries to see the happiness outside, but the tale of her own life is way too painful to look beyond anything expect itself.
The scenes of THE day, are still alive in her mind. His words, his actions, the ambience, everything.
Her man, her only man, whom she was planing to spend the rest of her life with, did it. Did the most obnoxious thing ever. Raped her.
She tries to take in some air, but fails. It's suffocating. Even after one month to the whole thing, she still can't think straight. What made him do it? Lust. It has to be it.
Lust made that man, do something so horrible. Made him destroy her future, her self respect, her faith on any other man, and her faith in love. Everything. All gone. Just because one man tried to satisfy his sexual aspects.
All alone, lying on the floor. She sees her cellphone flashing " Mom, calling!"
She cries. Suddenly she realises how much pain she caused that one person who has always been on her side. Just for that one man, she came to this new city, planning to start a new life with him, the devil himself. She realises how everything she had, is gone. Her family, her man, her ambitions, everything. And now it was her time to go.
Finally those pills started doing their work. She couldn't remember how much of those little white tablets she had taken. She tries inhaling again, it's becoming impossible for her.
She looks at the ceiling, thinks one last time of the day. How her clothes were ripped, how he spit on her before leaving, how tough it was for her to even walk for a few days after the whole show. But that man, was now living in the arms of some other pretty girl, and hardly remembers the day. The day when he ruined a innocent girl's life
She wanted it to end fast. She couldn't take it anymore. And thus the time comes. It's over. Everything is over. She is over.

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