Thursday, 29 March 2012

- Dear A -

(I have always wanted to give a letter like this to you) But I never gave it you because I always thought you probably will find it dumb. So I thought I will write it down.
There is nothing really special in this letter, but if you do want to, go ahead, read on.

Even after all the tough times we go through. We always manage to work things out. Just because you are the only person I trust my life with.

Dear A,
Yes, you. You are the most wonderful thing ever happened to me. I will always believe in anything you say or do. Because I know, there must be some reason behind it. I will trust even when the most greatest person of this world comes and tells me, you did a sin or something terrible. Because for me you are the only greatest person. "A", I have always wanted to tell you few things.  But I always thought all this stupid things won't matter to you. But I really can't just keep it within.

1. My days start with your phone call. You call me just when you get up and then say to me, " Gooood morning! Ab utho utho!"
      you don't know how much I adore it.
2. I will always be ready to meet you. ALWAYS.
3. I love how you hug me from behind.
4. Times when you slip the ring which you gave me from my index finger to the ring one, I am the most happiest person on earth.
5. I love that you secretly care and love your sister, a lot. Even when you try to be all stud type.
6. You are the only one I want to be with in my future. Basically I want to spend the rest of my life just with YOU.
7. I secretly dream about us married. :p
8. When you talk and tell me things(big big things which mean a lot to you) which you haven't said to anyone, I feel honoured.
9. I trust you more than I trust myself.
10. And now, one secret.
            ' When I die or something happens to me and I'm no more there, call my bestfriend, ask her about the secret box and where it is kept in my room, and look for all the letters addressed to you. Read all of them. They might be long sometimes. But please.'
Then only you will understand how important you are to me and how much I would love to be with you and only you, even if I get an opportunity to live my life once again.

P.S. I love you. I always have and I always will.
                                                                                            - Yours A

I am cheesay. ;)
But honestly. This post means a lot to me. :)


  1. Aww thats so sweet :) We all get cheesy in love.. I wish A never has to find the secret box and discovers how much he is important to you by being with you all life :) Bless ya :)

  2. Wow! Got to see your romantic side :) A is lucky and so are you. Letters and the secret box....Naiceee!! I hope that it remains a secret forever :) All the best sweety !

  3. @maithili Thank you so much :)
    I really hope the same. :D

    @CD!!! My romantic side, I hope you liked it. :)
    Damn he is lucky. :p And thank you so much! :D

  4. OMG OMG!! now this post is a complete shock!! :D
    A lovely shock, shud I say...! :D
    I pray the secret box remains a secret foreva, and wowww... lucky A! ;)
    all my best wishes to u and mr.A!!
    may u b happy foreva!! <3