Saturday, 24 March 2012

Introducing! ME! :)

As I am new to blogging, and all of you must be wondering who this freak is. So let me tell you few things about me. :)
* As my name tells you I'm a hypocrite, I actually am. And no I am not proud of it, it's just something which I have learnt about myself.
* I am a maniac. Always hyperactive. People tell me I am temperamental, which if thought about is true. Every emotion of mine is at extreme. Like if I am happy I will very happy and id I am sad, I will be depressed.
* I love making new friends. I love socialising.
* I am in love with dancing since class 3.
* I am very frank and straightforward, which in some cases turns out to be a very bad thing.
* I am short tempered.
* Music is something, I can't live without.
* Basket ball is the only sport which I love and I think I am good at it. Boston Celtics FOREVER!
     + Kevin Garnett is my hero. ^_^
* I am not a big fan of chocolates. ( whaaaa? :p )
* I am perverted. ( as in, like a lot ) :p
* Fooodie!
* I absolutely HATE Maths. No, honestly. When I say hate, I wish the person who created it ( which I guess is already dead) takes a birth again and dies of rabies, and rots in hell! [ can't help it, I have been hating it since my childhood ]
* Pictures make me happy, and therefore where ever I go, a Nikon coolpix is always in my bag.
* Aaaand, I guess that's it. I can't think of anything else. :\
           Umm, I love fruits. ( I know out of nowhere, sorry! :p )

This is ekdum random stuff! Sorry if anyone was offended ( I don't think anyone will be ) :p

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  1. Ur hobbies matches mine alot Mrs hypocrite :p hope s o te become a frnd of urz