Monday, 26 March 2012


He was sitting with his friends inside that old  bungalow, known as the 'Dope home'. People usually went their to dope or make out or get drunk. As he saw his friend exhaling that cloud of smoke, he wanted to do it, the very minute. It excited him. He took his first puff, it took him to paradise. And that very minute he knew he wanted to do it more and more. First the marijuana, and then the vodka. Oh! It felt like heaven.
That's when he got his first bad habit.

It never really mattered to him. He was addicted. Addicted to everything which she considered wrong. There had been many times when she tried to stop him. Even after making thousands of promises to leave it, he never kept his word. But she knew it all. She used to try to make him understand that it's all wrong, it's going to harm you sooner or later. But he never really understood. Things had gone too far now. But she couldn't leave him, no, not at all, she loved him way too much. And all he knew was he loved her, just the way he loved marijuana.
Sleepless nights, she had one to many thinking about the future he is creating for himself. But it never mattered to him. He was happy with the fact that he had her and the drugs in his life.
And finally that day came when was taken to hospital, due to overdose of hash.
She was broken, but more than that she was scared. She knew he had way too much of drugs in his veins. She was scared to lose him. The doctors came out after the operation. It was the longest 30 mins of her life.
The kind of looks which they had, made it all clear. She knew it's a bad news, a terrible one to be specific.
The doctor said, " He had way too much of illegal products in his blood, and it was harming him a lot. I'm sorry." That was it. Her whole world started turning around her.
She ran inside the room, and looked at him. He looked awful. She held his hand, and started speaking, wishing that he is still hearing her, " I told you, it is bad. Why didn't you listen to me? Don't leave! Please, I love you." But he wasn't there to answer her now. She was asked to go home and take rest.
She went straight towards her wash-room and started the shower. As the water fell on her face, tears started falling from her eyes too. She wanted to shout, scream her lungs out, but no sound came out from her mouth. She came out and looked at herself in the mirror. She took a deep breath.
She went towards the window in her room. A tear drop falls on cheek. Her mind shouting, " You should have listened to me! Look what you've done now!", but all she could do was nothing.

She finally speaks, I miss you and the tears don't stop for a long time.


  1. There was so much of pain in the post. Exactly one must have felt. When the person passes away, all we can say is- I told you so but we can't even say that anymore.

  2. I am glad you thought that way. Thank you. :)

  3. I wrote a post called Dreaded D. I wish I could dig it out for you but then argh, too much work. :/
    Drugs destroy you , and you cannot help but continue loving people who're neck down deep in the shit.
    This post was painfully beautiful, and I liked it muchhh =)

  4. Exactly! Even when you know he is in deep shit, you still have those feelings for him.
    And I am glad that you liked it. :)