Saturday, 24 March 2012

Old times.

Time: 1:45AM
This is what the clock on the table beside her bed read. He had promised he would call before 1. She should have known, he wouldn't call. He has been breaking his promises quite often these days. Things have changed. He has changed.
He is busy always. They don't talk for hours and hours anymore, like before. Meeting him is just something rare these days, whereas before they met almost every alternative day. He has time for friends, time to go online and talk to others, but not her.
Basically, he has time for everything but her.
She cries. Everyday. Every bloody day. Time is the biggest factor in a relationship apart from trust and honesty. She misses him. Misses the old him. Misses those old times. Lying on her bed, looking at the ceiling she wonders, does she even cross his mind? Does he even remember those old times? Times when he use to talk late at night on phone with her while hiding under his blanket so that he wouldn't be caught by his mom, that day when he came to her place and they lied on her bed, just talking, or that day when he talked about his family to her, does he remember any of this?
She wonders.
She remembers it all. Every little thing. Because it meant the world to her.
How did he change so much? What happened? Where did they go wrong? He still says he loves her a lot, but then why can't he show the love?
She checks the time, it's 2:15AM. She finally loses hope. Her vision becomes blurred. Tears have started making their place in her eyes. She looks up, thinking the one up there ( yes, the creator of all the pain ) is looking down on her and shouts, " Why are you doing this to me? What joy are you getting, seeing me cry like this? Tell me!." But no answer. All she can hear is her own cry. She curses everything next which comes to her mind. She curses herself for loving him so much, even after the hurt, he has been causing her. And finally she looks at her cellphone's wallpaper. Looks at him, says I love you,
and eventually falls asleep.


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging!! :) Lovely write-up. Deep. Loved it. <3

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  2. I know exactly how it feels... been there , done that... It kinda crushes u to the core.... you have expressed it so beautifully... keep up... :)

    take care


  3. @Butterfly..:)
    Thank you so much. :)
    And your post, I'm on it. ;)
    I would love to read it. :)

    @Raniyal Thank you so much. :D