Saturday, 31 March 2012


So help me heal these wound, they've been open for way too long. Help me fill this soul, even though this is not your fault. That I'm open and I'm bleeding, all over you brand new rug. And I need someone to help me sew them up.
  - Good Charlotte

Even though he has been the reason for most of her pain, she can't live a single day without him. She knows he loves her, and honestly he does. It's just he isn't that good in showing it. But right now, she needs him. Needs him to be there for her. He really doesn't know the pain of losing a mother, but right now he wants to be there for her in every manner. At the end, that's what love is. Being there for each other, in every bad and good situation.
Just after seeing her mother, the woman who gave birth to her and made her what she is today, being buried in  the cemetery where her own dad was buried, broke her. It had been 3 years after her dad died because of an accident. But her supporter, her best friend, her idol, her very mother, was always there for her. She never made her think that she had lost her father, she was the only support she had. But now, there was no one. As she was on her way home from the cemetery, her boyfriend, her only support now sat beside her, holding her hands tight as if saying that he will always be here, for her. She cried on his shoulders. She couldn't believe that the lady, the most powerful lady for her, was no more there. She felt betrayed. Her mother always told her, she won't leave her. But at the end, she did. And this was hard to believe.
But now as she sat on the back seat of her car with her man, she looked him in his eyes, and the only words which she could say was, "I love you." He smiled. And the next thing which he did, amazed her.
He took out the ring which his mother had given him on his 18th birthday and gave it to her, asking " will you marry me?"
And she couldn't say anything. An emotion of nothingness surrounded her. She didn't know whether to be sad that her mother was no more there or happy that the man whom she had been with for 4 years, was finally asking her for marriage.  At the end she smiles and says, "yes, I will."
She knew he will be there for her, always. That's what she needed right now.

Maybe that's what life is. If something terrible happens, something good is right around the corner. All we need to do is have a little patience and not give up easily on things which leave a huge hole in our heart. Because no one ever told me, life would be easy. But they said it will be worth it.


  1. :) I don't have words to say anything. I was sad in the beginning but the end made me smile. Specailly the lines- Life won't be easy but it will be worth it :)
    You write beautifully :)

  2. @CD!!! Thaaaank you. :)
    I love your posts. I actually stalked your blog one night. :P

  3. the quote by Good Charlotte was the best ...
    it was very rich in itself....
    you should have putted that at end of the post...