Sunday, 1 April 2012

Giving up ain't the answer.

She couldn't take it anymore. All the things around broke her heart, her mind and her soul to zillion pieces. She isolated herself. Didn't eat for days. Stopped talking to everyone. Everyone was worried, but him. The one whom she wanted to console her, whom she wanted to love her and she needed him right now. But he never came.
He was the reason for all this. Her isolation, her emptiness, and her stupidity. Yes, stupidity. It had been 3 months, and the pain and the want was always there. The pain of losing him, and the want of wanting him. How she wished he understands what she is going through and comes back. How she wished, that all of this just becomes a bad nightmare. But no, it never became a nightmare. It was reality. The cruelty of reality infact. She started drugs, always was high and she didn't eat for days. But no drugs or drinks could take her pain away. And so finally she gave up.
She jumped from the balcony of her room. The 13th floor. She took her life away, just for a guy.
Maybe the pain was a lot, but no pain is a lot compared to a mother losing her daughter. Why did this thought never occur to her? All the hard work her parents did for 17 years for her, all went to waste. How could she not see, how disappointed they will be? But nothing could be changed now. It was all done.

When a child dies, a little part of a mother's heart dies.
No matter how many girls or guys come or go in your life, your mother has always been there for you.
Since the day when she gave you to birth, to the day she cried at your wedding. In every step of your life she has taught you a lesson. Taught you how difficult life is but giving up ain't the answer.
And we repay all the work she has done for you for so many years by taking our own life. How sick!


  1. Totally agree! We do a small mistake for which we regret. That small mistake makes us to do bigger ones for which our parents regret. It is sick!

  2. Exactly. Fine, people have issues. Who doesn't? Taking your life, is not the solution. I feel bad for those parents whose child does something like this.